Internet Settings at COEP

Whether at college or hostel, if you are using the LAN port, all you have to do it set your proxy settings to ‘Manual’.

Enter the proxy address as and the port number as 3128. If you are using WiFi, then the proxy settings should be set to ‘None’. Make sure you change the settings in your browser too (people often forget to do this and are waiting for a miracle to happen :p).

You need a user id and password to be able to connect to the internet. Your user id will be your MIS number and the password will be your Moodle password. You will have a default password for Moodle and you should change it immediately to prevent any mischief-mongers from toying with your account. You will receive an email in the first few days about your Moodle accounts so watch out for that. You will have to register your devices at the Data Centre (two devices max/student).

‘ATT’ connection is not for general purposes and it’s granted to only those students who need the access for some substantial reason. The internet usage is restricted to 1GB/day. If you need no-proxy LAN ports with unlimited internet usage (one-time usage), you can request the Data Centre staff and they will guide you further.


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