COEP Girls Hostels – Full Information

Here’s all the information you need to know about COEP girls hostels-

The hostel campus is at a stone’s throw from the campus of COEP. The gate is situated at the start of the JM Road. There are three main buildings that house more than 900 girls. There are quarters provided to some M.Tech students. The buildings are known as A-block, B-block and the Girls Hostel Block (GHB). There is a mess called Saee Mess which remains closed on Sunday nights. The food served here is mostly of Maharashtrian cuisine. The billing here is on a per-month basis. There is no night-canteen within these hostels. There is a co-operative store which stacks all the stuff for our daily needs. Most of the commodities can be bought on a credit basis.

The hostels are WiFi-enabled. The download limit is 1GB per day and the WiFi signals are disabled from 9am to 6/6:30pm. There are LAN ports, too, in these buildings. The 11th floor of GHB has a gym, a paid-basis laundry (mostly shut) and apparently, a medical room. The in time for girls is 9pm on all days except Sunday, when it is 10pm. Bedding is provided in each room by the hostel authorities. Rooms are alloted on merit basis i.e. the student with a higher CET rank/ CGPA gets to choose a room and her roommates. Also, there is reservation system in securing the hostel. Students with multiple backlogs are generally ineligible for an accommodation here. Almost 100% of the applicants end up securing accommodation here. Students whose residences lie in the PCMC region are not considered in the hostel allotment. Around 16 seats are reserved for students of a particular department from each branch (which includes the lateral entry students too).

Now, take a look at a more detailed description of each of the buildings.

GHB – This newly-constructed building houses students from S.Y, T.Y and Final Year B.Tech students. There are 11 floors in this building. There are 20 rooms on each floor and each room is of triple-sharing basis. Around three floors are alloted per batch.

The rooms have an attached bathroom and an attached toilet. Two rooms (6 girls) share these facilities. Hot water is supplied from 6am to whenever it gets exhausted (mostly by 9am). However, the supply is erratic and some rooms don’t receive hot water at all for unknown reasons. There is no housekeeping for the rooms and the students have to clean the rooms, bathroom and toilet themselves. A table with attached tablelight, a bed and a chair is provided to each student. Each student has her own cupboard. A common cupboard per room is also provided.

The gym on the 11th floor is worth mentioning. It has treadmills, bicycle exercisers, weights and hand exercise equipment. The gym closes at 8:30pm.

Left: The corridor on the 11th floor. Right: The mess. Picture credits:

A & B Block – These pre-Independence three-storeyed buildings are alloted to the First Year students and Direct Second Year students (lateral entry). However, F.Y students who come through the Gulf/NRI/PIO category are allotted rooms in GHB. Four students share one room. There eight rooms on each floor. Two students are provided with a small cupboard (in some rooms there’s only one). Two tables are provided which are shared by four students. There are no common cupboards. The housekeeping team cleans the rooms occasionally. There are communal toilets and bathrooms on each floor (four toilets and four bathrooms). Their cleanliness is taken care of by the houskeeping team. The bathrooms are fitted with geysers so getting hot water is not a problem.


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